About the Manhattan Historic Sites Archive

The collections featured are from six National Park Service historic sites in Manhattan—Hamilton Grange National Memorial, General Grant National Memorial, Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site, Federal Hall National Memorial, Castle Clinton National Monument and Saint Paul's Church National Historic Site. These places were designated important by the United States for differing reasons, but collectively they commemorate significant events or individuals, ranging over two hundred years of American history from the early 18th century to the early 20th century.

Collections within the archive are quite varied. They include a large volume of historic images, documents, management records and artifacts, collected to provide documentation and interpretive exhibits at each site. Nearly all the collections were inherited from management organizations which preceded the National Park Service and as a result, were largely uncataloged or partially catalogued under a variety of individual systems. The contents of this website represent a three year project to catalog, reorganize and digitize the collections funded by the National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy through a grant from the Leon Levy Foundation.

Featured are over 1000 images of highlights within the collections, and comprehensive finding aids for each collection. The digitized items represent only a very small selection from the collections. Materials were chosen for digitization based on a variety of factors, including both informational and visual content, fragility, and aesthetic qualities. Researchers, students as well as the general public are encouraged to browse and explore.


The cataloging and digitization of these collections was made possible through a generous donation from the Leon Levy Foundation to the National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy. The Leon Levy Foundation's archives and catalogs program helps arts and humanities institutions care for and use the important contents of their archives, with the ultimate goal of making them more accessible to the public.

We are also incredibly grateful to the individuals who have worked on the project.

Thanks to Marie Salerno, Lillian Piro and Renee Barnes (Harbor Conservancy); Steve Laise (Chief of Cultural Resources, Manhattan Sites); Mimi Bowling (Lead Archivist), Tobi Adler (Project Archivist), Jenny Beard, Rachel Oleaga, Gregory McMurray, Lee Anne Tuason, Margaret Bausman (Assistant Archivists) and Danielle Apfelbaum, Amanda Brown (Archive Technicians).

Special acknowledgement to Shirley McKinney (Superintendent, Manhattan Sites) for her support of the project.

Mixit Productions designed and produced the website, which was built on the ICMS platform developed by Rediscovery Software with software customized by Stories Past.

Contact Information

Information about the historic sites and items in the collections call 212-825-6883. For queries regarding the use of images featured on this website email mhsarchive@nyharborparks.org or call 212-668-2321.